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Kavanaugh deals major blow to conservatives

After all the leftist hysteria and certainty that Kavanaugh would end Roe v. Wade

Remember the hand-wringing, the wailing, the doomsday scenarios forecasted by the left during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus? Remember the protesters dressed like women from "The Handmaid's Tale"?

All that hysteria came down to one issue: The left was scared out of its collective mind that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would somehow, single-handedly overturn Roe v. Wade, which would force women into a dark age of bootleg abortions and ultimately destroy women's rights altogether.

Then, on Monday, the Supreme Court voted against hearing two lower court cases in which individual states moved to defund Planned Parenthood — and the deciding vote against hearing the case came from Kavanaugh.

Tuesday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn and Stu Burguiere discussed Kavanaugh's decision.

"Yesterday, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to conservatives. Wait a minute, I thought Kavanaugh was the anti-Christ? Seems like we should have been the ones freaking out," Glenn said.

"Predictably, the court's four progressive justices voted against hearing the appeals," he continued. "Also predictably, the court's chameleon conservative, John Roberts, voted with the progressives. But wouldn't you know it, the sixth vote against hearing the case came from Brett Kavanaugh."

"The point here is not that Brett Kavanaugh is suddenly pro-abortion, or a Planned Parenthood supporter. It's that he's already showing himself to be the kind of justice some of us thought he'd be — someone who, like John Roberts, might lean conservative sometimes, but won't always side with the usual conservative bloc," Glenn added.

Watch the video clip above to catch more of the conversation.

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