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DeSantis: 'You could do a complete upheaval of the deep state'

DeSantis: 'You could do a complete upheaval of the deep state'

There’s no question that the second Ron DeSantis stepped into office as the governor of Florida, the sunny state was changed for the better.

Whether it was standing up to incessant political pressure during COVID, getting woke ideology as far away from schools as possible, or even stripping Disney of its self-governing status, DeSantis has proven to be the governor that Florida needed to get things done.

Glenn Beck sat down with the beloved governor to find out just how he does it (and how he might do the same on the federal level).

DeSantis says he was told not to “make waves,” so rather than listen to that advice, that’s exactly what he did. You don’t turn Florida into the leading red state in America without ruffling a few feathers.

When COVID hit, DeSantis knew he didn’t want to turn into a tyrannical dictator and control the public’s every movement. He says, “They didn’t elect some health bureaucrat to run Florida. This Fauci-ism is not right, it’s not working, and there’s a better path.”

And man, was he right.

Not only did DeSantis not “let Florida collapse under the weight of Fauci-ism,” Florida thrived under it. While all the blue states up north began to see their populations decrease, Florida saw the opposite and became the fastest-growing state in the country as of 2022.

Glenn asks DeSantis if he could do what he did in Florida in the entire country — hypothetically, if he were to run for president.

DeSantis responds, “If you talk about at the federal level, there are certain things that may be easier, actually, to do. With the vast administrative state, if you have a determined executive who knows how to use those levers of power, you could do a complete upheaval of the deep state.”

If you’re asking us, a complete upheaval of the deep state sounds like a pretty good plan and a good campaign to run on.

But until we find out what DeSantis’ plan for the future is, you can pick up a copy of his new book, "The Courage to Be Free," and find out a little more about his past.

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