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New York Times discovers Black Bloc Anarchists hiding in plain sight

The Glenn Beck Program

On Monday, Glenn and Pat had a little fun at the New York Times' expense.

Jeremy Lee Quinn, a furloughed photographer in Santa Monica, California, noticed something "odd" while documenting Black Bloc anarchists in a half dozen cities across the country over the last four months.

"Black Bloc Anarchists. You can recognize them sometimes because they are wearing black," Glenn mocked.

Black Bloc anarchists allegedly protested for racial justice, but Quinn, a self-proclaimed supporter of some principles of anarchy, isn't convinced. Quinn told the Times he expected to find white supremacist groups at the core of chaos in cities like Portland, Oregon, and Minneapolis, but what he found was much different.

"On the last Sunday in May, while snapping photos of suburban moms kneeling at a Black Lives Matter protest, Quinn directed his attention toward a more dramatic subject: looting at a shoe store about a mile away," Glenn read.

According to the article, Quinn recalled seeing young people with shoeboxes fleeing from a shoe store. Among the chaos, Quinn reported seeing white men, dressed in all black, acting as what appeared to be "supervisors." Rather than looting with the others. Quinn observed these "supervisors" breaking storefront windows then walking away without stealing.

"This is the New York Times reporting. Hey, at least they're starting to find their way. It's cute," Glenn said with a smirk.

Here's Glenn with the full story.

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