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Trump RICO case vs. case DOJ SHOULD make against Bidens​

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There is no one the left wants behind bars more than Donald Trump.

The former president has just been served his fourth criminal indictment by Georgia — but it’s a little different from the others.

It attempts to use racketeering laws to make a RICO case against Trump and many of his allies, in a way that mirrors how the government went after mob families.

Glenn Beck believes it’s “nonsense.”

Glenn explains that some of what the indictment cites are grievances like Trump soliciting a phone number from a Pennsylvania legislator as well as encouraging supporters to watch One America News Network as well as Newsmax.

“I think you get it,” Glenn mocks.

Meanwhile, the Biden crime family is apparently getting away with much more.

Records obtained through subcommittee subpoenas reveal that the Bidens, their family members, and associates have received over $20 million in payments from foreign entities.

While Biden was serving as vice president, a Biden family associate welcomed over $3 million from Romania. On March 1, 2017, less than two months after Biden left public office, a Chinese energy company wired $3 million to the same account.

Glenn Beck is certain there’s much more to worry about regarding what the Bidens have been up to than there is with what Donald Trump has been up to.

“So, wait, you’re getting us on booking a room? You’re getting us for texting a state legislator saying I need the numbers? Really? Okay, all right, I think the five million dollars from China, the eight million total to the family and associates — I think that’s a little bigger,” Glenn says.

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