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Why does Michigan have MORE registered voters than citizens?!

Why does Michigan have MORE registered voters than citizens?!

After Biden’s supposed victory in 2020, Americans’ faith in our election system has waned significantly. With November 5 just around the corner, people across the country are skeptical about whether or not we will have a fair election this time around.

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales along with the Blaze Originals team recently headed to Michigan to investigate the state’s voting system, granted the swing state heavily altered its voting laws after Trump’s victory in 2016.

What they uncovered suggests that a fair 2024 election is highly unlikely.

For starters, “In 2018 Jocelyn Benson replaced Ruth Johnson as Michigan’s secretary of state.“

Johnson, a Republican, “was interested in doing the right thing when it came to protecting the voter roles and keeping them secure and fresh and ... not outdated,” Sara tells Glenn Beck.

However, Benson, who’s “Soros funded” and formerly worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center investigating hate crimes, was “part of the Secretary of State Project that George Soros is funding.” Benson attempted to “allow Michigan to count ballots that were received after Election Day,” and although she was unsuccessful in this endeavor as a result of being sued, she did manage to enact “same-day registration” and “[registering] without showing a photo ID" policies.

Glenn is shocked.

“You need a photo ID for anything — everything! — except for the most important thing a citizen can do?” he asks in disbelief, noting that he recently had to present his ID in order to obtain a simple fishing license.

“If you did care about democracy and you did care about the state of your country, you would want election integrity and security,” says Sara, referencing the Democrats behind these loose voting laws.

“In the state of Michigan, they now have a constitutional right to vote by mail,” despite the fact that “all of these other first-world countries ... have decided that mail-in voting is a horrible way of doing things,” she criticizes.

There is some good news, however. Organizations, such as Public Interest Legal Foundation and the RNC, are “suing the crap out of these states and out of these secretaries of states” who are behind these new corrupt voting laws. They also address issues such as the long list of “dead people on the voter roles in the state of Michigan” and the fact that “105% of Michigan’s population [is] currently registered to vote.”

To learn more about the corruption in our voting system and what you can do to fight back, watch the clip below.

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