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Gonzales: Garland expanding army of social justice warriors

Gonzales: Garland expanding army of social justice warriors

The Department of Justice might have received $38.7 billion in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill signed by Biden in December — which is a 10% funding boost overall to the department — but Attorney Merrick Garland believes it’s not enough.

Sitting before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Garland claimed that his department doesn’t “have enough people. We don’t have enough money. We don’t have enough jails. We don’t have enough judges.”

So that’s why crime is rising in major cities in the United States, is it?

Gonzales bit back and said he’s “chomping at the bit to expand his army of social justice warriors ready to knock down your door and prosecute you for — I don’t know — praying outside of a pro-life clinic.”

She went on, “You have the jails, you’re just letting people out. You don’t want to keep them in jail. So that’s fascinating.”

His claim to have a “lack of resources” sounds more like he simply has a lot of excuses.

John Doyle joined Sara on "The News & Why it Matters" to pepper in his thoughts on the matter: “If the state is not protecting you from violence, it is de facto endorsing it, like what’s happening here.”

He then dropped a shocking stat and said that the murder rate in places like El Salvador is “on track to be lower than it is in a lot of our major cities.”

If only Garland knew this.

For now, if he genuinely cares about protecting the American people from violent criminals — and wants more money to do so — perhaps he should ask Biden to stop sending all of ours to Ukraine.

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