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Pro-lifers: Josh Hammer talks strategy in the midst of Alabama abortion ban backlash

The News & Why It Matters
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Thursday on "The News & Why it Matters," Sara Gonzales, Pat Gray, Jason Buttrill, and guest Josh Hammer discussed what a pro-life strategy looked like amid the backlash that stemmed from the historical abortion bill passed in the state of Alabama on Tuesday.

In this clip, Daily Wire's Josh Hammer expressed a desire for his fellow "pro-lifers" to dial back the venomous rhetoric and refrain from shouting baby killer. Hammer called for building and supporting pregnancy crisis centers and showing empathy for pregnant women rather than isolating them.

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Hammer reflected on the way the movement once focused on winning the culture war rather than winning arguments on Twitter. Hammer said he would like to see pro-lifers broaden the conversation and focus on winning the culture war as opposed to shouting baby killer.

The panel agreed, the pro-life message must maintain a strong element of empathy and that if the pro-life movement is going to win then it would be best to focus efforts on building and pregnancy crisis centers and involving churches and the community, offering support for women in such a difficult time.

That is how we will gain converts," Hammer said.

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