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ABC CENSORS Trump's speech: What are they afraid of?

The News & Why It Matters

Donald Trump's speech from Mar-a-Lago was broadcast nationwide, but one network in particular decided to blur out Trump’s podium, which gave the audience a number to text so they could receive official campaign notifications.

On "The News & Why It Matters," Alex Stein had this to say: “It just shows me that the news is obviously fake. I mean, they can’t even show you the real live shot, they actually have to edit it. It’s literally George Orwell’s '1894,' where they can just change the history.”

“This is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Sara Gonzales.

However, the act of blurring the podium likely attracted more attention than it would have received otherwise.

Another contributor commented, “I think [ABC is purposely attracting attention is] because they need Trump to be [popular]. Trump’s the villain, right? He’s a super villain to them, so they need the guy.”

“There is an alternative,” Gonzales chimed in. “They could just be that stupid.”

Lest anyone think that Donald Trump receives equal treatment in the eyes of the mainstream media, Gonzales displayed a picture of Joe Biden’s noticeably readable podium from his campaign in 2020.

“Yeah, but if you text that it just signs you up for Ben and Jerry’s flavor of the month club,” a commentator quipped.

Watch the full video here:

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