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What the heck happened to Joe Biden’s face? “He grew testicles on his chin!”

What the heck happened to Joe Biden’s face? “He grew testicles on his chin!”

Joe Biden recently did an interview on Air Force One regarding the Gaza hospital bombing. Not only were his answers “tone deaf," according to Sara Gonzales, but they also didn’t make much sense (no surprise there).

However, people are far more concerned about the president’s face than his muddled answer, especially his chin, which all of sudden featured an abnormally large dent in the center of it.

“It was also like indenting really weird as he was talking,” says Sara. “It's not what a normal chin would do,” which explains the copious “conspiracy theories out there.”

She then displays four pictures of Joe Biden, the final being the image of him during the interview on Air Force One, and it’s distinctly different from the other three images.

“It’s hot in Israel,” jokes Jaco Booyens, so “the mask is melting; somebody pull it back behind his ears, get the staple gun.”

“We need to get this guy to a doctor; he grew testicles on his chin!” laughs Sara, adding that “there were also people who were observing his hands ... which were a lot smoother than you would expect in 80 year olds.”

But that’s just the beginning of the speculation. To hear all the theories and rumors surrounding Biden’s odd appearance, watch the video below.

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