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Bill Maher’s crowd roars for Andrew Cuomo’s message for ‘woke’ Democrats
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Bill Maher’s crowd roars for Andrew Cuomo’s message for ‘woke’ Democrats

Andrew Cuomo, “disgraced former governor of New York” according to Dave Rubin, recently joined the “Real Time with Bill Maher” show.

One subject the panel broached was immigration — arguably America’s most pressing issue.

Cuomo didn’t hold back his criticisms regarding how our Democratic administration has handled the migrant crisis.

Bill Maher’s Crowd Roars for Andrew Cuomo’s Message for ‘Woke’ Democratsyoutu.be

“I get the theory of the extreme left — we’re a land of immigrants; let everyone come in; we all came as immigrants. I get it,” he began, “but how you do it makes all the difference in the world.”

“To just open the borders with no plan? You don't know where they go; you don't know who's going to pay for them; they wind up in cities all across the country.”

Then, he turned his fiery words toward New York City specifically — a place that’s currently regretting its decision to be a sanctuary city.

“New York has a couple hundred thousand [illegal immigrants] in hotels, costing New York City a fortune,” he said.

These people have “no jobs, no training, no help to assimilate into society,” he continued, asking, “So, who did you even help?”

“You have the person in your old job — the governor of New York, a Democrat — saying, ‘Don't come here.’ Those are her exact words,” Maher added.

“Many mayors and governors said no” to being a sanctuary city, “but New York was more of the ideological left ... and now we're finding out 200,000 people later you needed a plan; you needed to know what to do with these people,” Cuomo said over the applause of Maher’s audience.

Dave, however, goes a step further: “You have no duty to let illegal people into your country if you don't want them here,” he says, adding that Cuomo “probably would have done the exact same things” he’s now criticizing had he not been ousted from his role as governor.

“I don't know that he'd be doing anything different now than Kathy Hochul except he is no longer governor, so now he can go on Bill Maher’s show and pretend, and be like, 'Well, I'm the sane one obviously. I would have had a plan, and we wouldn't have let these 200,000 people in,'" Dave mocks.

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