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Joe Rogan laughs so hard he CAN’T BREATHE after hearing Kamala Harris described like THIS

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Comedian, actor, and fellow podcaster Tim Dillon recently joined Joe Rogan on "The Joe Rogan Experience" to discuss the 2024 presidential election, and let’s just say their conversation ended in tears — the good kind of tears.

Dillon personally thinks there’s no way Joe Biden will be running, especially given that Gavin Newsom reportedly plans to run.

“How do you think they get Kamala Harris to step down?” Rogan asks.

“Kamala Harris cannot say a sentence. ... She talks in, like, gypsy curses,” responds Dillon.

Rogan’s roaring laughter quickly fills the studio.

“When they ask her something, she’ll be like, ‘My grandma said that a hive of bees is still bees if you bury it,'" Dillon continues as Rogan howls.

“The woman has no idea what’s going on,” says Dillon.

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