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Jordan Peterson corners Bill Maher with the question no Democrat will answer

Jordan Peterson corners Bill Maher with the question no Democrat will answer

If there’s one person you can count on to put the left in its place, it’s Jordan Peterson.

And on a recent "Real Time with Bill Maher" panel, Peterson did exactly that.

After expounding on the “idiot meta-Marxism” that has taken over universities throughout the West, Peterson laid out a simple question that no Democrat will answer.

“One of the things the Democrats also have to pay the price for, I would say, is their absolute refusal to draw a line between the modern Democrats and the extremists,” Peterson begins to Bill Maher and his panel.

“They’re completely incapable of doing that. Like, I've talked to forty senators and congressmen in the last five years. I asked them all the same question, including RFK. He wouldn’t answer either.”

The question, which Peterson then directed at Maher, is, “When does the left go too far?’”

Peterson’s delivery was undoubtedly impressive, and Dave Rubin is more than pleased to hear it.

“Man, if I do nothing else in my career, the fact that I had anything — even, like, the slightest pin drop of a thing — to do with getting people to know that guy, that would be more than enough that they could put on my epitaph,” Rubin says.

Rubin does note, however, that when RFK refused to answer that question, he was still a Democrat.

RFK has since left the Democratic Party and is running as an independent.

“He has finally realized that the left has gone too far,” Rubin says.

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