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NOBODY saw THIS scary detail in Mitch McConnell’s second freeze-up ...

NOBODY saw THIS scary detail in Mitch McConnell’s second freeze-up ...

Back in July, Senator Mitch McConnell froze mid-speech at a news conference, leading many to question whether or not he is fit to serve.

But most got over it and moved on.

Until he froze again just a month later.

Ironically, this second incident happened while reporters were asking McConnell whether he was planning on running again.

By now, most of us have seen the video of McConnell going mute and staring like a deer in headlights. It’s truly a tragic situation.

However, most miss this one tiny detail in the video because they are so focused on what McConnell is doing (or shall we say not doing) that they don’t pay attention to what his aide does.

If you go back and watch the video closely, you’ll see McConnell’s aide wink at the sea of reporters as she says, “We’re going to need a minute.”

“I never noticed this in that second clip until I just saw it again,” says Isabel Brown. “His staffer actually winks at the camera … so it's this open joke that we're all aware of and everyone's thinking but nobody's willing to talk about it.”

But we should be talking about it, considering people like Mitch McConnell serve a vital role in the country.

Not to mention “70% of Americans think that the two front-runners for president are too old to be president,” says Isabel.

“McConnell has had so much power for so long,” adds Dave Rubin, “and yet in those freeze-up moments, and we've seen it with Biden too, there is this fear in there because he knows something is wrong, [but] the people around him don't care, and it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy.”

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