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WATCH: Teacher at new Social Justice School makes SHOCKING admission about what they're teaching kids

The Rubin Report

Government spending at its finest

Image source: Social Justice School video screenshot

On "The Rubin Report" Tuesday, Dave Rubin talked about the new Social Justice School where students are trained to become Black Lives Matter activists, why denying D.C. statehood is racist, and how lockdown anxiety is creating a mental health crisis.

First, Dave shared a clip from a teacher at a new charter school in Washington D.C. where 5th and 6th grade students are given an education in how to become activists and dismantle the system — government spending at its finest!

Meanwhile, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is testifying before Congress about why the District of Columbia should become the 51st state, and NBC reminds us that racism is the only reason anyone could be against the Washington D.C. statehood proposal.

Finally there are fears of a looming mental health crisis due to the lockdowns. Pew research is seeing alarming increases in anxiety disorders and depression as a result of the social isolation caused by the lockdowns.

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