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The next time someone calls you a 'transphobe,' send them this video

The next time someone calls you a 'transphobe,' send them this video

What is a phobia?

According to virtually all dictionaries, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. Acrophobia is the fear of heights, aquaphobia is the fear of water, nyctophobia is the fear of darkness, and transphobia is when you disagree with literally anything related to the trans movement.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Even stating straight scientific facts banishes one to the category of transphobia.

But that’s not stopping evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and journalist Helen Joyce from discussing the truth.

“Sex really is binary,” Dawkins says. “You’re either male or female, and it’s absolutely clear.”

“You can do it on gamete size; you can do it on chromosomes,” he continues, claiming that the fact that “people can simply declare ‘I’m a woman’” is “distinctly weird” and a “distortion of reality.”

“What we [are] talking about here [is] an intensely linguistic movement,” Joyce says, adding that “there isn’t a sense in which a man can become a woman, except linguistically.”

But if you challenge this movement entirely based on feelings and words, prepare to be met with hostility.

“Very obvious questions like, ‘don’t you think that if we allow people to self-identify their sex, this will lead to, for example, destroying women’s sports or putting rapists in women’s jails?'” will inevitably turn into “you think trans people are predators — you’re a bigot,” says Joyce.

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