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This wins as the absolute worst take on Trump's arrest

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Andrea Mitchell isn’t just a journalist with MSNBC. According to Dave Rubin, she is now officially the winner of the contest for drumming up the worst take on the Trump arrest.

She said on a panel on MSNBC, “It may or may not be coincidental, but both the DA and the judge are people of color.”

She then told the panel that the two have become “targets” of Trump because of this.

Dave Rubin sits down with Jeffrey Tucker and John Cardillo to discuss what he believes is the worst possible take on Trump’s arrest.

“Guys, I am so tired of this racializing of everything.”

He continues, “I’m starting to think this is projection more than anything else.”

Tucker agrees, saying, “Donald Trump has a huge and hardcore [base] of black American support. ... The race issue is not even a thing anymore, like, if it ever was.”

He believes “the only people who are making it a thing are Trump’s enemies" and that “if you want to find people who are fed up with it and want to get away from all this identity politics, you’re going to find them in the Republican Party.”

Where won’t you find them?

Tucker believes that they “certainly [cannot be found among] the mainstream media or the Democratic National Committee activists.”

Cardillo adds that Trump’s past is the last place you’ll find evidence of racism.

He calls the charges of racism against Trump “preposterous and asinine,” saying, “I mean, you go back in Trump’s history before he was a politician — he was partying with 50 Cent, P. Diddy.”

He continues, “The guy was being celebrated by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton back in the 80s and 90s, so it’s a preposterous narrative.”

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