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DEBATE: Jon Miller and Andrew Wilkow debate the merits of saving lives through the stop-and-frisk program

The White House Brief
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On Wednesday's episode of "White House Brief," Jon Miller discussed how the voting results in New Hampshire likely surprised "experts," and how for those with an ounce of political intuition, the results were completely expected.

Miller went on to explain how he had been saying for months that Joe Biden had no shot and to watch out for former Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Also, leaked audio of presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg reveals how he ACTUALLY feels about the stop-and-frisk program despite his recent reversal.

Later, Miller debated Andrew Wilkow, host of BlazeTV's "Wilkow," on the merits of saving lives through stop-and-frisk.

And David Brooks of The Atlantic explained that the nuclear family was a mistake. We think publishing such an asinine article was a mistake.

Watch the video below for more details.

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