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Jon Miller: Dems want illegal immigrants in YOUR city, not theirs

The White House Brief

'This should be a dream come true for them'

On "The White House Brief" Monday, host Jon Miller said the Democrats' backlash to President Donald Trump's plan to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities proves exactly what conservatives have been saying all along: Democrats aren't serious about welcoming immigrants into their sanctuary cities. Instead, they want "unassimilated" immigrants spread throughout the country because they are more likely to vote Democrat.

"The Democrats don't just want illegal immigrants being limited to [sanctuary cities.] They want them everywhere," said Jon. "After all, you can't transform a country with those cities alone. You need undocumented Democrats spread from sea to shining sea. Why else would they be so upset by this? This should be a dream come true for them."

Catch the full video below:

Dems to Trump: We Want Illegals In YOUR Cities, Not Ours!

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