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HATE CRIME? California residents face jail time for painting over Black Lives Matter 'mural'

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Standing up to BLM is now a hate crime

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This week on "Slightly Offens*ve," BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer exposed the real reason it seems like hate crimes are on the rise in America: Because the left and mainstream media are inventing them.

Schaffer discussed an incident on July 4th in Martinez, California, in which a man and woman attempted to paint over a Black Lives Matter mural that had been painted on the road. Nicole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, have been charged with three misdemeanor counts: vandalism under $400, possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti, and violation of civil rights. If convicted, the pair face up to a year in jail.

"We're sick of this narrative, that's what's wrong," Nelson can be heard saying in a viral video shared on social media. "The narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism -- it's a lie!"

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton released a statement last week: "We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention. The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to communicate the importance of Black lives in Contra Costa County and the country. We must continue to elevate discussions and actually listen to one another in an effort to heal our community and country."

"Do I think you should paint over a Black Lives Matter mural? No," Elijah stated. "But, I do want to point out the fact that there's this new, growing movement where we think that people are going to stop being prideful jerks, and thinking they're better than other people, by taking down monuments, destroying statues, and most importantly, drawing pictures."

Watch the video below for more details:

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