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'We need to give women more rights than men': Confused crowds lack purpose at Women's March 2020

Slightly Offens*ve

'I feel like they just need a reason to let go of that emotion'

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BlazeTV correspondent and host of Slightly Offens*ve, Elijah Schaffer, headed to Saturday's fourth annual Women's March in downtown Los Angeles to ask protesters what they believe are the most important issues facing women in this country.

"What do you feel is still to be accomplished for women in 2020 that hasn't already been accomplished?" Elijah asked one protester.

"I think that we need to give women more rights than men," came the answer.

Another attendee said she came to the march to stand up for sex-worker's rights.

"I am a sex-worker and I feel really strongly about the rights of the people I work with, especially the trans-women I work with," she said. "If you like [being a sex-worker], follow your dreams and do what you want to do."

"You can get periods and you don't have to identify as a woman," asserted a protester who was passing out "Periods Are Cool" stickers.

"I think there was a legitimate problem, a long time ago, with sexism in the workplace. But I think a lot of that is over now," offered an unusually rational attendee. "I think we're past that and now they're just stuck. I feel like they just need a reason to let go of that emotion."

As with previous Women's March demonstrations, many protesters appeared to be in attendance for the sole purpose of bashing President Donald Trump.

"I'm here to oppose Trump's fascist regime," shouted a man in a pink pussyhat.

"We have a president who mocks the disabled and wants to take away women's rights. I mean, hate crimes have doubled, tripled, since he became president," claimed one woman.

"F*** Donald Trump. He's stupid!" yelled a trio of young children.

Watch the video below for more:

(Content warning: Strong language)


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