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The REAL Reason Hurricane Sandy Victims Are Dumpster Diving

The REAL Reason Hurricane Sandy Victims Are Dumpster Diving

Would you resort to dumpster diving to feed your family?

Not if you could help it.

That’s exactly what many regular New Yorkers thought last week. Now they’re literally digging through the trash for their next meal.

I’ve read the comments below the news stories. How anyone with half a brain should have prepared for the coming storm. Or at least have enough food and supplies to last them three measly days.

And they’re right… to a point.

It’s not like there wasn’t any warning. Every news and weather channel across the country talked about the coming storm - around the clock - for days before it landed.

So why didn’t they get ready? I’ll give you one good reason: they couldn’t.

Before anyone knew for sure where Superstorm Sandy was going to land, panic buying had already begun. Stores along the Eastern Seaboard were mobbed and shelves stripped bare of necessities.

For many, it was simply too late.

So they went home to wait and hope. (Not exactly a good survival strategy.)

Now, even families with money in the bank are going hungry. Or picking through tossed produce and other partially edible foodstuffs in garbage bins for something to eat.

Sadly, I’ve seen this all before. And it’s only a matter of time until we see it again.

Every time a major storm, earthquake, civil uprising or other disaster strikes, good people go hungry. And sometimes the hunger goes on for months… or years.

Let me ask you a question. If the store shelves near you were suddenly empty of every necessity, how long would you survive? One week? How about a month? A year?

Do you know which foods disappear first? And which ones you absolutely need in order to survive if the worst happens?

You can wait and hope your community won’t be next to face a tragedy. Or you can get ahead of the game by learning which foods you need to get now - before disaster strikes.

My friend, Damian Campbell, has made it his business to help people survive disaster. So even if you’re smarter than the average dumpster diver and already stocked up on food, at least double-check that you have all of the most critical items on his list.

That way it won’t be your face I see on the evening news next time.


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