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This tiny device will power the 21st century


By Justin Spittler

Coal powered the 19th century.

Oil powered the 20th century.

Now, experts are predicting the main power source of the 21th century will be this tiny device

This isn’t in the distant future.

In fact, this device is starting to be used as we speak.

It’s being installed in 2,900 homes in Prescott, Arizona and 50,000 homes in Australia. These owners will enjoy always having electricity. And they will never need a generator again.

It’s already in 1.1 million cars. Bloomberg estimates that number will jump up to 11 million by 2025 – that’s a 900% increase.

And as soon as August 16th, China is opening a factory with the purpose of creating this device.

It can make $332 billion of this device per year. That’s enough to power over 950 million homes.

To create all these devices, China needs an enormous amount of raw materials — as much as 1,073x the current world’s stockpile – every year.

So the companies who supply these materials to China are about to be in high demand.

Investment research expert, E.B. Tucker, predicts this one virtually unknown U.S. company will have its entire $35 billion deposit bought out.

“The result would shoot its tiny $1 stock through the roof,” he says. “And I believe it will happen when China’s factory opens as soon as August 16th.”

E.B. Tucker shares the specifics on this time-sensitive opportunity here..

He also explains the exact device that will power the 21st century.

Click here to watch his special presentation now.

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