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Steve Deace: It’s time for President Trump to get rid of 'King Fauci'

Steve Deace


"Pope Fauci the often wrong and overrated" and President Trump had a rare public break. Has Dr. Anthony Fauci social distanced his way beyond recovery with Trump's base? Should this be the end of the road for Fauci?

"He's been wrong at EVERY TURN!" Steve Deace said on Thursday's episode of "The Steve Deace Show."

Deace went off on Fauci for his chronic inability to make up his mind about the severity of COVID-19 and how the nation should respond to the pandemic.

Deace presented a few contradictory statements made by Fauci since the pandemic began. He explained that rather than flattening the curve, we listened to Fauci and flattened our economy.

Here's Deace with the full story.

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