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Veganism may be worse for animals and the environment than eating meat

Steven Crowder

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On Tuesday, "Louder with Crowder" host Steven Crowder discussed evidence that veganism may be worse for animals and the environment than eating meat.

In this clip, Steven explained that erosion carries away 25 to 40 billions tons of topsoil every year, which significantly reduced crop yield and the soils ability to store and cycle carbon, nutrients, and water.

The Guardian reported, "A 2015 report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization states that, globally, 25- to 40-billion tons of topsoil are lost annually to erosion, thanks mainly to plowing and intensive cropping."

The UN report stated, "Letting arable land lie fallow and returning it to grazed pasture for a period – as farmers used to, before artificial fertilizers and mechanization made continuous cropping possible – is the only way to reverse that process, halt erosion and rebuild soil, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation."

Crowder played a video montage of Hollywood actors and Democratic politicians advocated for every American to go vegan for just one day to save the planet.

Later, Steven showed images Democrats caught on camera eating meat.

Watch the video below for more.

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