Pat Gray Unleashed

Nancy Pelosi protects Ilhan Omar from the scrutiny of fellow Dems over anti-Semitic tweets

Friday, on "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat Gray, Keith Malinak, and Jeff Fisher discussed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's explanation for not taking action against the anti-Semitic comments of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) posted on Twitter.

Despite the calls from fellow Democrats for an apology, Pelosi stood firm, explaining that she did not believe that Omar knew how her words would be taken. Pelosi went on to say that she is confident that Omar's "enthusiasms" and words are not based on an anti-Semitic attitude.

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Jon Miller

Jon Miller: If you don't like Trump's opinion of McCain then stop asking for it

On this edition of " The White House Brief," host Jon Miller highlighted a headline from the Drudge Report on Thursday that suggested President Donald Trump is battling with the ghost of the late John McCain.

In this clip, Miller explained how the mainstream media continues to ask President Trump about McCain knowing how Trump will respond, thus manufacturing soundbites for them to broadcast and exploit.

When asked for his opinion of McCain, Trump said he is "unhappy that he didn't repeal and replace Obamacare when he campaigned on do just that."

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"No matter what you think of it, that is who Trump is and doubling down is what Trump is going to do," Miller said.

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