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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi's speech in Detroit sounded like a battle with the English language

Pat Gray Unleashed

Nancy Pelosi struggles to say words at the 2019 NAACP Convention

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On Thursday's program of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat Gray and Keith Malinak discussed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the speech she struggled to deliver at the 2019 NAACP Convention in Detroit.

In this clip, Pelosi came with a message, "When we fight, we win," but that message appeared to fall flat as a result of her stuttering and stumbling over word after word throughout her speech.

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"She was not winning during that [speech]," Pat said.

When you fight the English language, Nancy, you aren't winning," Keith said.

Watch the video below for more.

Watch the full episode here.

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