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Yale professor says hydroxychloroquine is now a political drug, NOT a medical drug

Pat Gray Unleashed

On Friday's episode of " Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat highlighted what Yale Professor Dr. Harvey Risch said about the use of hyroxychloroquine in outpatient uses to treat COVID-19. According to Dr. Risch, the drug could save 100,000 lives but became too politicized as a result of President Donald Trump showing support for the outpatient treatment.

In this clip, Pat got fired up by the reality of what Dr. Risch had observed, that we are "fighting a propaganda war over medical facts." Watch the Fox News Interview to hear more from Dr. Risch.

Pat explained how the Democratic Party is demonstrating how their hatred for President Trump appears to take priority over saving the lives of Americans diagnosed with COVID-19.

"Democrats are playing politics with people's lives," Pat said.

Watch the clip for more details.

A Yale Professor Is Coming Out About Hydroxychloroquine

A Yale Professor is coming out about Hydroxychloroquine. Why are we still arguing about this?

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