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2A WIN: Government will allow Cody Wilson to print and distribute plans for 3D-printed gun

The News & Why It Matters

Back in 2013, Cody Wilson designed a 3D-printed gun called “The Liberator.” After printing his own guns, he decided to share the plans on the internet through an organization called Defense Distributed. Because distributing plans to build guns is illegal, the State Department’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance ordered Wilson to immediately stop distribution of any and all plans.

Two years later, The Second Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit, filed a lawsuit on behalf of Defense Distributed. Earlier this week a settlement was reached, allowing Wilson to distribute his 3D-printed gun files online. The federal government will also have to pay a portion of his legal fees.

Why is this important?

In recent years, especially after the massacre in Parkland, gun control has become a hot-button issue among political groups. Politicians from both sides have called for extreme measures and protests have been held. The AR-15, a sporting rifle, has been labeled an “assault rifle,” and a “weapon of war,” discouraging the use and purchase of said rifle. In a press release, the Second Amendment Foundation stated,

“Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber—including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms—are not inherently military.”

Many conservatives feared that their Second Amendment right would be taken away by the gun-control advocates on the left, however, this settlement, while not actual law, may make a significant difference in the handling of Second Amendment cases.

What does Glenn think?

Back in 2013, Glenn Beck interviewed Cody Wilson, asking him about his newly 3D printed gun. Today on “The News and Why It Matters,” Glenn showed the actual gun to his co-hosts and discussed the importance of this settlement.  “The government said that every, including up to a .50-cal, is not a weapon of war, and that includes modern sporting rifles, otherwise known as AR-15s,” Glenn said.

Host Sara Gonzales replied, “I feel like that will have huge repercussions later on down the road because when they talk about ‘assault weapon’ bans, and ‘weapons of war’ bans, and things of that nature, all of those are all included in that list.”

Cody Wilson made strides for the Second Amendment in America.

Read more about this settlement here.

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