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Alger Hiss believed anything is possible — if he just left out one or two facts

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck recounts the saga of suspected Communist spy Alger Hiss and his rise from obscurity to the upper levels of the federal government. Hiss grew up in Baltimore in a run-down home and survived a number of harrowing ordeals throughout his early life. He managed to graduate from two exclusive prep schools and Harvard University, where he distinguished himself as a top student and was voted most popular. He surrounded himself with people of taste, wealth and status to escape his humble origins. Along the way, he got a major boost from a retired judge whose eyesight had begun to fail; Hess endeared himself to the aging justice by reading aloud to him.

"This changed the course of Alger Hiss' life for this one reason," Glenn says. "He realized at that moment when the judge said, 'Yes, you can read to me,' that everything would change. Anything is possible, if you just leave out one fact. Maybe two."

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