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Alt-right' Nazi's livestream with fellow white nationalist gets derailed by hero dad [VIDEO]


A  discussion between Jason Kessler, a known "alt-right" Nazi, and white nationalist Patrick Little was derailed by a counterprotest by Kessler's father during a livestream this week.

Kessler and Little were going to spiel nonsense about Jews, sex slavery, and a few neo-Nazi conspiracies before Kessler's hollering dad walked into the room to protest his son's asinine ideas.

On Thursday, Pat Gray was discussing the meager turnout of 24 Nazis who showed up at a "Unite the Right 2" rally organized by Kessler in Washington on Sunday but stumbled upon this gem on the internet.

"Hey, you get out of my room," Kessler's father yelled.

"I'm sorry, I'm having an issue here," Jason Kessler said to Little.

He then appears to gets up from his chair to push his dad out of the room so he could continue the online conversation.

"Don't push me like that in my room," Kessler's father protested.

"Do you have a drunk roommate there?" Little asked.

"Something like that," Jason Kessler replied.

Jason Kessler, who was obviously humiliated, began motioning to his father to leave the room. After a bit of scuffling and rambling, Kessler's dad is heard saying, "I want this to stop in my room, Jason. This is my room."

Kessler then accused his dad of watching too much anti-Nazi propaganda on the American History channel and went on to explain why he's living at home, to begin with. Kessler is 34 years old.

Hit the play button in the clip above to see it for yourself.

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