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Are you wearing bamboo? Entrepreneur explains his company’s unusual sustainable clothing


An American company has started making bamboo into clothing so you don’t have to choose between comfort and sustainability.

Brandon Kline, founder of NaturalBorder.com, joined “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” last week to talk about his U.S.-made, chemical-free clothing line as part of Doc's "Building America" guest series highlighting American entrepreneurs.

Doc Thompson couldn’t believe the shirt he was wearing was made from bamboo fiber, and Kline shared his mission for sustainable clothing made with local craftsmanship.

“Once you break it down into the fiber, you’re able to knit it or weave it into a fabric just like other organic materials,” Kline explained how the shirt was made.

Doc was still incredulous. “That sounds impossible to me,” he said. “It sounds like you guys have split the atom here.”

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