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Be inspired by the family-based volunteer organization that serves communities all over the US

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck sat down with some of the co-founders of Labor of Love during his Thursday audience show to talk about the organization's history and its focus on family-based community service.

Spurred by new friendships forged in 2011 during a tour of Israel associated with Glenn's "Restoring Courage" rally, Susan Selim and Dave Perkins brought together other service-minded individuals to form Labor of Love.

"36 of us were assigned to the same bus, as you mentioned," Susan said. "And you can't go to the Holy Land and not be changed by that experience. It's just not possible."

Several times a year, they travel to cities across the U.S. to perform volunteer work and random acts of kindness, all paid for by the members themselves. Glenn praised the group for their efforts and mentioned that his own sister had become involved with the group. Labor of Love is preparing to do their 31st service project since 2012.

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