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Ben Shapiro: Society is rejecting objective truth as a 'white, patriarchal norm

Glenn Beck

Can a society that rejects science, reason and rationality survive?

Ben Shapiro joined Glenn on today's show to talk about postmodernism and the dangers of a world where everything is subjective.

When people decided to make their own values, they didn't realize that science and reason would be thrown out as objective truths as well. In today's progressive age, even science is seen as a "white heterosexual, patriarchal" view of the universe.

But in the real world, subjectivity doesn't make for good science or a solid business plan. Shapiro pointed out that a company like Google, which fired engineer James Damore over a memo on men and women in the workplace, may purport to believe in these progressive ideas ... but if Google actually lived by them, "it would be out of business in 5 minutes."

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