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Bill Nye dismisses Princeton prof as 'climate change denier

Pat and Stu

On Monday’s “Pat & Stu,” the guys talked about some of TV host Bill Nye’s latest comments as he tried to defend climate change hysteria.

Over the weekend, thousands in the U.S. participated in the politicized March for Science. In a recent CNN interview, Nye said, “Science is political” while advocating for more scientific research and unquestioning acceptance for climate change.

CNN put Nye opposite Princeton physics professor William Happer, who questioned Nye about computer models of climate change that turn out to be wrong. Nye countered that the heat that was predicted did appear, but it was absorbed by the ocean. He dismissed Happer as a “climate change denier” and accused him of “cherry-picking” one model for his argument.

“We use politics to decide where to invest our intellect and treasure, but when it comes to climate change, that is not controversial in the scientific community,” Nye said.

Pat Gray noted that Nye’s accusation of cherry-picking was completely hypocritical.

“That’s the essence of what these guys do. The climate change guys are always cherry-picking data,” Pat said. “This unbelievable excuse that the heat they predicted went into the ocean. … You don’t know how the climate works, but we’re still supposed to believe everything you’re saying about the climate?”

To illustrate what Happer was talking about, Stu Burguiere shared a chart compiling 90 climate change models and showing how often their predictions are wrong.

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