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Bill O’Reilly opens up about Roger Ailes


Bill O’Reilly, who was a host at Fox News for 20 years before being fired in April, talked about his history with Fox News founder Roger Ailes on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Ailes started Fox News in 1996 and built it into America’s No. 1 news channel. The media mogul died Thursday at age 77.

Glenn Beck remembered Ailes as someone who was loyal but was also not safe to cross. “When [Ailes] wanted his way, he could be the most ruthless man ever,” Glenn said.

Ailes was a businessman who operated in a world where what he wanted would happen, O’Reilly asserted. “If you were going up against what was good for him, then there would be a conflict,” he said.

The TV business is ultimately about money, so that was the way Ailes approached the launch of Fox News, O’Reilly explained. “That was his basic business plan. … ‘I’m gonna crush [the competition],’” he noted.

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