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Black Lives Matter movement schooled on what it means to 'back the blue

Tomi Lahren

TheBlaze host Tomi Lahren devoted her “Final Thoughts” segment Thursday to the men in blue, especially to the two officers in Iowa who lost their lives, and the law enforcement family still shocked and reeling from their sudden loss.

“This week, two officers were ambushed in Des Moines, Iowa,” she said. “We lost two blue lives. That’s blue. Notice how I didn’t say we lost two white people in Iowa? See, there seems to be some confusion between the Black Lives Matter community on exactly what it means to ‘back the blue,’ so I’ll help: Backing law enforcement doesn’t mean backing white people as a category. It means backing law enforcement.”

She followed her sit-down-and-listen-up chat with a strong tongue lashing against the shooter and bashed anyone trying to fabricate a race war.

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