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Blue Lives Matter spokesman weighs in on Chicago kidnapping


Lt. Randy Sutton, national spokesman for Blue Lives Matter, joins Tomi Lahren to critique the Chicago Police Department's response to the widely-publicized kidnapping of a mentally-handicapped white teenager by four black teens that took place in Chicago last week.

Tomi is frustrated that Chicago PD didn't immediately charge the teens with a hate crime, and Randy suspects that their reluctance was politically motivated.

"There was no doubt that politics played a role in this," Randy says. "There's no doubt in my mind that they were getting their marching orders from their mayor, and they were trying to minimize it. But finally, it came out today that they are charging them with a hate crime."

Randy calls out Hollywood hypocrisy in reacting to the hate crime: "I guarantee you we will not hear anything from the Hollywood celebrities who are spending millions of dollars on anti-Trump videos right now and putting them on television — you won't see any of them come out and condemn this horrible, racist attack."

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