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Chappaquiddick' tragedy: Mary Jo Kopechne's family is speaking out for the first time

Glenn Beck

In 1969, Sen. Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts and left his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, 28, to drown while he waited hours to notify police.

On today's show, Georgetta Nelson Potoski, Kopechne's first cousin, and Potoski's son, William Nelson, shared their perspective on the story. It may be a footnote in history, but to their family, Kopechne's death was a devastating loss that will never be forgotten.

Together, they wrote "Our Mary Jo," a book celebrating Kopechne's life.

Nelson said on today's show that her family still has many unanswered questions about potential discrepancies in Ted Kennedy's account of that night as well as what Kopechne's last hours were like.

"I wish more people would come forward with whatever little pieces of information that they may have," Nelson said.

Kopechne was a beloved only child, and her untimely death devastated her parents, Joseph and Gwen Kopechne.

"They've never had the last few hours of their daughter's life, and I think that's a terrible tragedy," Potoski said.

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