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Dana gives an impassioned monologue, declaring: 'We didn't start this war, but we should end it

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch gave a powerful monologue today on "Dana" about the Islamic State terror attack in Manchester, England, that killed 22 and injured over 50 last night.

“Try as they might, the terrorist dogs couldn't snuff out all the light in the world," Dana began in an impassioned address to all free people in the West. She detailed the atrocity of the Manchester suicide bomber and other crimes against girls and women by Islamists.

She implored feminists to stand up against radical Islam and challenged persons who see border control as racist and bigoted to stop locking their cars and doors if they trust others so deeply to not commit crimes against them.

Dana concluded "It's time to stop treating a violent sexist ideology as if it is in any way at all compatible with the modern era. Unless you want your children taking up a fight that you yourself lack the courage to finish, buck up, speak out, and get not-nice."

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