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Dana: Why are people angry that the Freedom Caucus stood on its principles?

Dana Loesch

The battle between the House Freedom Caucus, President Donald Trump, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis) may be the biggest battle of the year for the GOP. Matt Welch, Editor of joined Dana Loesch on "Dana" to discuss the fight brewing within the ranks of the GOP.

"This is the Tea Party. This is the results of eight years of protests and getting people elected, and we had this huge battle during the general election ... of establishment versus grass roots. These are actual conservative, grassroots candidates that came from the Tea Party, and it's amazing to me that now, everybody's going after the House Freedom Caucus," Loesch explained, adding that she believed this was, in fact, a victory for the Tea Party.

Welch agreed: "Those are the people who stood on principle against a corrupt and venal GOP establishment in Washington, D.C., and now what is happening?" he asked, going on to assert that Trump "took over the popular sentiment among the Tea Party," as well as the GOP establishment, that "it's those 'establishmentarians' right now who are trying to kick the House Freedom Caucus and the Tea Party to the curb, precisely because they're standing on principle instead of the usual gormless GOP establishment stuff."

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