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'Harvard genius' David Hogg wants you to match up with Russian soldiers on Tinder to help Ukraine


'Harvard come get your boy. He is making your university look bad again'

Photo by Brianna Soukup/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images

Gun control activist David Hogg took to Twitter to share a brilliant new idea for how we can all help Ukraine as Russia continues its deadly, multi-front invasion: just find Russian soldiers on social media and dating apps and let them know "how stupid the war is."

This is but a small sample of the kind of genius we've come to expect from Harvard's special superstar. Case in point, here's Hogg's clever comeback when another Twitter user asked if he really thinks Russian soldiers are concerned with social media and dating apps during combat.

Not everyone was impressed, however, and they didn't hesitate to let Hogg know it.

This didn't stop Hogg from continuing his own personal Twitter-assault on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That'll teach 'em, David. But wait, there's more:

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