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David Limbaugh talks about 'The True Jesus


Today on "Glenn," political and religious writer David Limbaugh discussed his new book "The True Jesus" with Glenn Beck and the Think Tank panel.

Glenn challenged Limbaugh to help him understand what it means to be a Christian in these days when "atheism is starting to grow." People who still have faith describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. Subsequently people don't really know the words of Jesus.

The author offered that "if Jesus is who he says he is, then we need to conform ourselves to him" instead of creating a Jesus of our own choosing  Glenn noted that if Jesus were to come back today, a lot of the church would condemn him.

Limbaugh agreed, pointing out that when Jesus walked the earth he was against the world while also here to save it. Therein lies the dichotomy of Christ, that he was "fully God and fully man," and hence not interested in prosperity, comfort, or making people feel good as our culture would want. He did not tolerate sin, but at the same time forgave all sin.

Glenn expressed that the true Christ may seem like a contradiction to today's people. The author helped by pointing out that most religions have truthful elements, which is why Ghandi, a Hindu, was able to "borrow from Jesus". But Jesus is the only way to salvation. Love is the law, but we cannot abandon moral standards because we are by nature sinners, Limbaugh said.

The Bible "accurately depicts the human condition." We are a fallen race in need of grace. Limbaugh concluded, "We cannot attain salvation through our works; only through the imputation of the perfect God-Man that lived on Earth."

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