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Defying Hitler' provides a fascinating window into the lives of German citizens before WWII

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck raves about the latest historical memoir he's reading, Sebastian Haffner's "Defying Hitler." Haffner wrote the manuscript, which chronicles the lives of ordinary Germans during Hitler's rise to power, in 1939 but left it unpublished. Haffner's son discovered the manuscript after his father's death in 1999 and had it published in 2000, and it quickly became an international best-seller.

Haffner's experience living through the First World War as a teenager and watching the spread of fascism in his native Germany prompted Haffner to flee his homeland for America, where he became a college professor and a widely-read author of pop history.

Glenn highly recommends the book to his viewers: "I started reading this book. You will learn more important things about what happened and what allowed Hitler to take place than any other book I've ever read about the Second World War."

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