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Doctor claims he will do first human head transplant this year

Pat and Stu

A doctor in Italy has claimed that he will perform the first human head transplant, Ars Technica reported over the weekend.

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero told German magazine OOOM that he will perform the transplant, which is completely impossible by today’s medical standards, within the next 10 months in China. The doctor has made headlines for his peculiar experiments and unscientific methods before, publishing research in 2016 involving mice, rats and a dog that did not include detailed methods, proper controls and other vital information.

“The problem with this particular surgery is we’re about 300 years away from being able to do it,” said Pat Gray, pointing out the obvious on "Pat and Stu."

“If that, really,” noted Jeffy Fisher. “The human body is really an amazing piece of work.”

Stu Burguiere suggested that Jeffy help out the doctor by volunteering to be the head transplant patient.

“I’m sure this guy is really brilliant,” Pat chimed in. “I think he’s done it with mice. So I’m pretty sure he can do it with you.”

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