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Does Hillary investigation prove we live in an aristocracy, applying law differently to powerful?


It's Nov. 7,  the day before the end of a memorable 2016 election cycle, and Colonel Mark A. Smith, retired U.S. Marine Corps Forces,  isn't letting the final hours go without a fight.

He appeared on Tomi Lahren's show, Tomi, Monday upset about what he calls a 'sham' Hillary Clinton investigation, one he says was basically carried out with kid gloves.

"I was never an investigation," he said. "It's never been an investigation. As a career law enforcement officer, I will tell you no agent of the FBI, no sworn officer anywhere in the United States needs supervisory approval to conduct a criminal investigation. James Comey has no more authority to enforce the law than any FBI agent sitting in an office anywhere in this country.

"Now do you know what the defense would be, Tomi,  from the left: 'Well she's a candidate for president of the United States.' Fine. You just opening admitted that the United States is not a democratic republic, but it is an aristocracy, where we do not apply the rule of law equally to everyone. We apply it differently to those in position of power. Now I think the Founding Fathers would have an enormous issue with that.'"

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