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Facebook fact-checks left-leaning news outlet ThinkProgress and they are furious


Is it time to give a little bit of credence to Facebook? Probably not. But we do like the fact that the left-leaning news outlet that was vehemently calling on the social media platform to fact-check conservative news outlets actually ended up being fact-checked themselves.

The particular article Facebook found the outlet at fault over had a key issue wrong regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that contributed to fear-mongering.

What did they say?

ThinkProgress claimed that Kavanaugh had previously stated that he would indeed overturn Roe v. Wade if he were to be nominated to the Supreme Court, but that wasn't the truth. Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress wrote a critical article of the findings and then accused Facebook of bias against the left.

To read more about that report on TheBlaze, click here.

"I love it because the left's rules never apply to them," said Pat on Wednesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed."

"All they want is for the right to be oppressed. They can't win the actual arguments. That's why you never see any lefty on a right-wing channel or show. They can't defend themselves. They can't defend their policies. They can't defend their ideology because it doesn't make any sense."

Catch the complimentary clip and commentary above.

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