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Feminist author: College campuses are creating a ‘shame culture’


Feminist author Christina Hoff Sommers joined Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to tackle the progressive agenda that teaches rape culture in colleges and relies on shoddy statistics.

Sommers, who is known for her politically incorrect views on modern feminism and who has been protested for speaking on a college campus, defined the progressive phrase “rape culture” on Tuesday’s show.

“It’s all a fiction; it’s a fantasy,” she said. “It was created by radical feminist scholars with an agenda eager to indict the average man in a social atrocity.”

The problem is that the term “rape” has been expanded to include far more than the real and horrifying crime, Sommers explained. College campuses are turning over cases of alleged rape to campus tribunals rather than the proper authorities.

“They’ve created a shame culture on campus based on these strange definitions,” Sommers said, calling the trend “disturbing” and “destructive.”

She contrasted her experience promoting feminism to today’s modern interpretation that tells women to be victims:

“I have been a feminist in the reasonable sense of the word. … I was a philosophy professor, I encouraged the young women in my class, I watched as women surpassed men in education, only to turn around and find that the feminist establishment is not celebrating the empowerment of women.”

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