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Former SEAL promotes charities for veterans and first responders through extreme sports


Ryan "Birdman" Parrott, former Navy SEAL and founder of the Bird's Eye View Project, and Jacob Schick, executive director for 22Kill, join Tomi to talk about extreme sports for veterans and first responders. Tomi calls extreme sports an "adrenaline rush thing" and says, "It's what you guys are into. By nature you enjoy this."

"The primary mission of the Bird's Eye View Project is to elevate veteran and first responder charities. That's a big piece of what we're doing and we're missing," Ryan explains. "A lot of these charities don't get to market themselves, and that's a big problem."

Ryan also describes the project as an effort to spread awareness of these charities among struggling veterans who don't know that help is out there.

"Using extreme sports, which is extremely viral on social media, and that free technique — we're going to do...extraordinary things with veterans and first responders to accomplish these goals and to tell the story of these charities and the awesome work they're doing," Ryan tells us.

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