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Glenn analyzes the media's treatment of Trump emails: 'Let me explain it to you, media.


Those in the media have failed to change in the wake of the 2016 election, Glenn Beck said on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Even in the case of a story like Donald Trump, Jr.’s emails accepting the invitation for a foreign government’s interference in a U.S. election, it’s vital to stay reasonable and try to see all sides of a story. But the media seem resistant to reporting on Republicans in a fair and unbiased way – even though they continue to alienate half the country by portraying Trump voters as racist.

“It’s very difficult to watch people in the media who have never woken up from their slumber,” Glenn said. “They’ve never done really any soul-searching.”

Even if the Russia scandal leads to President Donald Trump’s impeachment and he is removed from office, the media will treat Vice President Mike Pence the same way. You could bring John F. Kennedy back to life and Democrats would hate him if he ran as a Republican, Glenn asserted.

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