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Glenn Beck: Here’s what we learned from the midterm results: ‘Trump is NOT on his last legs’

Glenn Beck

On Wednesday's show, Glenn Beck highlighted several important takeaways from the results of the 2018 midterm elections.

There was no 'blue wave' or rebuke of President Donald Trump

"There wasn't a blue wave last night," said Glenn, adding that it wasn't exactly a red wave either. "What we found is that there is a split ... the cities verses the rural, and we don't agree on anything. Also, Trump is not on his last legs."

'It's [still] the economy, stupid'

Glenn noted that the strong economy played a crucial role in the election results, despite left-wing assertions to the contrary. "It is the 'economy, stupid' in many ways. We are split. However ... we'll go more towards the blue, I fear, if the economy starts to fall apart," he said.

"The president, today, needs to stop with the trade war. It is the economy that will be the most important thing to ensure that he will win [in 2020]," he later added.

Voters aren't buying into Democratic Socialism

"Democrats, we also learned, are in trouble for 2020. They did not deliver. The Democratic Socialists thing does not work," explained Glenn. He went on to give several examples, adding that voters are not looking for candidates who are on "the fringes" from either side.

The left will now push even harder to get rid of the Electoral College

"Democrats will push to abolish the Electoral College because, at this rate, they cannot win in 2020 unless things change," continued Glenn. "They are losing voters in middle-America, and that is because they have embraced the radical left. The polarization is not sustainable."

Congress will be dysfunctional

"Congress also should pass the tax cuts before January," Glenn pointed out. "There are already 100 bills that have been passed by the House just waiting to be passed by the Senate. Get it done because that will be the last piece of business Congress does for the next two years."

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